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Thinking about selling your home?  Want it sold fast and for top dollar?  Well you might want to wait just a few more days and get your home ready first as the difference between selling your home fast and having it sit on the market could very well lie in your own hands.  Preparation is key and below are a few of the items that will give you the biggest bang for your time.

1. Make any minor repairs
This isn’t the time to gut your kitchen or add that extra ½ bath, but the little things will add up.  From chipped paint to loose handles, don’t let your buyers think that you have neglected the property for years.  Let them see your pride in home ownership.  If they can SEE minor defects they will be wondering what they might NOT be seeing. 

2. Declutter
Less stuff = more space… Simple.  Clean out your closets, garage, pantry, basement, and anywhere else where you have been accumulating “stuff” for years.  Storage units are cheap, usually less than $50/month.  If you are showing how you have outgrown the space your buyer’s will wonder if they can make it work as well.  This goes the same for countertops and other table tops.  Simplify!  The faster your home sells the faster you can set it all up again in your new home.  Remember, this is no longer your space, it is your buyer’s.

3. Deep Clean (and get rid of those funky odors)
Clean once, then clean again, then KEEP clean!  You never know when a REALTOR® may be popping by with the next buyer, so keep your house clean at all times.

Hide the pets… ok, maybe you can’t actually hide your cat or dog, but you can definitely hide their chew toys, litter boxes, and food bowls.  And make sure the house doesn’t smell of dog/cat upon entry.  You will be immune to it so ask a neighbor to come in and give their opinion.

… and for goodness sakes, MAKE THE BED!

4. Enhance curb appeal
We’re not talking about installing custom patios or walkways… A good weeding, some carefully placed flowers, and a few bags of fresh mulch can go a long way in creating a great first impression.

5. Minimize family photos and over personalization
Yes, this includes that large, custom painted family portrait hanging over the fireplace.  But also includes the many assorted family portraits you may have around.  Also, avoid overly bold artwork or personal touches.  You want the buyer to be able to envision themselves living in this space and the closer to neutral you can get the better. 

6. Hide your valuables
No point in inviting mischief.  Seriously, why risk it.  It is hard for any REALTOR® to keep an eye on everybody at every second.

7.  Learn from the experts
There are many more things that can help your home sell faster so be sure to employ the skill and expertise of a licensed REALTOR® to help you prepare for the sale of potentially your largest asset!


I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Matt Kapusta, Licensed PA & NJ REALTOR
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