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5 Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioner Bill This Summer

Small changes can make a noticeable difference on your next electric bill.  In addition to having your HVAC system serviced each year (an efficiently running system saves you $$), here are five money-saving tips you can try today.

  1. Close the blinds. Short of putting solar screens or film on your windows, closing the blinds or drawing the curtains during the peak sun hours can be the next best thing.  This little change can decrease the overall temperature in the room and reduce how long and how hard your AC will have to work.
  2. Stop cooling empty rooms.  If you have that extra bedroom or office that you don't use, be sure to close the vents and keep the doors closed.  No point in cooling a room that no one will be using.  And don't forget the basement vents.  Generally the basement can stay cool without the added help of pumping in AC.
  3. Fan direction.  Personal fans and ceiling fans are a great way to not only keep you cool directly, but they can help circulate the cool air around your home.  Be sure to set your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise when cooling.
  4. Clean filters are more efficient.  With the coming summer season, turning on your AC for the season can be a great time to swap out for a new filter.  A clean filter makes your system more efficient which in turn can lower your costs of operation.
  5. A degree of change.  Raising the thermostat temp just 1° above your normal temp can save you up to 3% on your bill... and you most likely will never notice the difference in room temperature.  After a week raise it up another 1° for even more savings.

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